Thursday, March 10, 2016

Apathetic Empathy

You had your water tested: It was not pollution free?
Boo-hoo, too bad for you, but what’s that got to do with me?
How is that my problem? How come I should care?
I live here; my water’s clear; and you live over there.
You say you’ve seen some prowlers? Someone vandalized your truck?
My thoughts and prayers are with you; may God grant you better luck.
I’ll mind my own business; I’ve got my own goals to meet.
I can’t be bothered with the woes of those who live across the street.

Drugs and crime, filth and grime: how can they live that way?
People gettin shot and folks who have no place to stay.
They’re lazy and they’re crazy and they have no common sense.
I shouldn’t have to see them. I say we build a fence.
Those people act like animals; those people ain’t no good.
If God loved them, they’d be livin in a better neighborhood.
Yeah, it’s sad as Hell, but I won’t let it get me down
Because they live in another part of town.

Budget cuts are shuttin down your schools? You’re unemployed?
Your job got outsourced? Yeah, I can see why you’re annoyed.
They say poverty builds character and ignorance is bliss.
Here’s a self-help tape; cheer up and listen to this.
Unsafe roads and bridges and a crumbling overpass?
Good thing you can’t travel, then—you can’t afford the gas.
You’re in my prayers; I’ll thank the good Lord I don’t share your fate,
But it’s really no concern of mine; you’re in another state.

Your whole town got blown to smithereens? Sucks to be you.
You have no place to go? So what do you want me to do?
You lost everything; you had to leave behind your stuff?
Hey, man, the tough get goin when the goin gets tough.
Say what? The Good Samaritan? Yeah, I love that guy.
We tell that tale in Sunday School, but how does it apply?
I empathize with all you guys, feel bad about your wars,
But you’re from another country, and this one isn’t yours.

It’s been so nice to see you. Have a nice day. Bye.
I have other fish to fry, and you’ve got rivers to cry.
Come to our Bible study (it’s my sacrifice for Lent);
We’re discussing how what Jesus said ain’t what he really meant.
Before you come, bone up on Matthew, Chapter twenty-five.
That last part will make you laugh out loud and glad to be alive.
I know you’re in a bind; I know your prospects are grim,
But it’s no sweat off my salvation if you sink or swim.  

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