Monday, October 17, 2016

Portmanteaus, Uh-ohs, & Mementos

Got a suitcase full of pennies, collected one by one.
Hard work’s its own reward at the setting of the sun.
They’re all I have to recommend me for my labors on this Earth.
Seems a sad way to measure how much someone is worth.
God, they’re gettin heavy; hope I don’t lose my grip.
I’d hate to have to double back and make a second trip.
Why should I cling to them? Just because they’re mine?
Am I obliged to drag this crap across the finish line?

Got a mind full of mistakes; man, they sure add up fast.
The last one ain’t the first one, and the next won’t be the last.
I’d love to break the pattern, but it seems my learning style
Is to screw it up completely and miss it by a mile.
I have to tote and own them and try my best to see
That I can’t blame my choices on nobody else but me.
I cannot excuse them; I can’t make them shine.
I’m obliged to show up with them at the finish line. 

Got a heart full of memories—good heavens, don’t time fly?
Hope we get to keep the best ones in the sweet by and by.
I’ve some, no doubt, that make me cringe, but some that make me proud,
Some that make me cuss and some that make me smile out loud.
Who knows? When we wake up, when it’s all said and done,
Perhaps we’ll meet or remember a special someone.  
Someone who can turn our troubled waters into wine.
Then we’ll make amends and all be friends beyond the finish line.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Let 'Em Have Cake

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”
Don’t be silly. Of course you can.
“How so?”
If you eat it, you still have it; it just changes form and location. You still possess it.
“How to put this delicately? This time tomorrow, you probably won’t still have it.”
You didn’t say anything about having it forever. Point is, you can indeed eat it and still have it. For a little while. Besides, all the ingredients will break down and nourish various parts of you. All those little milk molecules and egg atoms will be with you for quite some time.
Anyway, doesn’t having it mean eating it?
“I’m not following.”
If Aunt Bessie says, “Here, have a piece of cake,” is she expecting you to just sit there and stare at it, or does she intend for you to eat it? Be kind of rude not to. You cannot “have a piece of cake” without eating it.
“Just never mind, okay?”