Friday, February 10, 2017

The Latest Knews

If I knew what was good for me my step would have more bounce.
I once knew that peace of mind is all that really counts.
I knew the best was yet to come, whatever came along.
Time was on my side; Life was singing my song.
I knew how to have a ball without a single dime.
I’m too busy earning dollars now and just don’t have the time.
I’d fret less and more readily grin
If I knew now what I knew then.

I knew how to share even when it wasn’t much.
Strangers weren’t so strange; I was easy to touch.
I tried to harmonize, even with a sour note.
I knew how to empathize—we’re all in this boat.
Everyone was one of us with something to admire;
Now I’m reduced to picking sides and preaching to the choir.
I’d be a better person, I’d be a better friend,
If I knew now what I knew then.

When did it get lost? Where did I get off the trail?
How did I forget? Why did my memory fail?
Who am I to say what’s a loss and what’s a win?
Sure wish I knew now what I knew then.

I knew nothing lasts except my everlasting soul.
I knew I had blind spots. That’s okay, God’s in control.
I knew there was something more important than me,
And didn’t take my cues from Congress or some clown on TV.
There was something grander going on, a greater good.
If my plans fell through, I knew they’d work out as they should.
I could be myself and not have to pretend
If I knew now what I knew then.

I did not have all the answers, and I knew nobody did.
Now I think I do and I’m flipping my lid.
I knew how to listen even when I disagreed;
I figured if I did, we might all get what we need.
I was once content to let the rats run their race.
When I had better questions, I was in a better place.
Been thinking lately maybe I could get there again
If I knew now what I knew then.

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