Saturday, October 10, 2015

Garbage Day

I knuckle down, look up, and hey,
It’s here again: it’s Garbage Day.
Things that clutter, stink, disturb:
Wheel them, drag them to the curb.

Things that cannot, must not stay:
They’ll pick ‘em up, take them away.
It’s been a good week, did a lot,
And screwed up as oft as not.

I made the grade, stared down a dread,
And hit the nail right on the head.
I also hit a sour note,
And just completely missed the boat.

Got hung up on a judgment call,
Picked up some points, and dropped the ball.
It’s Friday; hip-hooray and whew!
A happy Garbage Day to you.
That dumb mistake, ill-founded doubt?
Toss ‘em in; we’ll take them out.
The victories, that winning grin?
Those go in the recycle bin.