Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's the Thought that Counts

Ever heard somebody say, “You can’t go home again.”?
Our true home is the only place we’ve really ever been.
What makes one place so special? How is happiness defined?
All that safe and snug and wahoo happened mainly in your mind.
It’s not dictated in the least by mere geography.
You’re in charge of all that you recall and what you see.
When it comes to others, you are generous and kind,
But don’t forget to save yourself; be gentle with your mind.
You won’t abide a cobweb or a single speck of dust.
Your house and your vehicles you quick-rid of dirt and rust.
Every wrinkle is erased, each wiggly line aligned;
Relax and squirt some WD-40 on your mind.
You see and bring out the very best in everyone.
You never quit or give up until the job is done.
You take up the slack so we who lack will not be left behind.
We love you. Thanks. But you can’t change the world, so change your mind.
Each thing that came knockin—every “woe is me,” each grin,
Only gained admittance because we let them in.
If you’re homesick, heartsick, entertaining any secret fears,
You can arrest those rascals with that thing between your ears.

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