Monday, February 1, 2016

Reading Between the Lines

Hey, look at me when I was younger! Hey, look at me when I was cool!
I haven’t done much since I left, but I was hell on wheels in school.
Hey, here’s a graduation photo, voted most likely to be grand.
Nothing recent. It’s not my fault things did not go quite as planned.

Hey, look at me when I once mattered! Was I the cat’s meow, or what?
“Let’s see a selfie, something recent.” Oh, I’d really rather not.
But hey, look at me when I had hair! Hey, look at me how I was then.
Back when I had all my teeth, back when I had perfect skin.

Back before my flesh started creeping, I had pizazz and a winning grin.
Ere my tattoos looked like tie dye, I was muscular and thin.
Hey, look at me when I had a future. Don’t you dare look at me now.
Don’t look for me at the class reunion; love to see you, but holy cow.

I was shooting for the stars—six, five, four, three, two, one, Blast!
I’m not doing much these days, so I’m happy living in the past.
Hey, I’ll pretend it doesn’t matter; I’ll post a sarcastic cartoon.
I’ll smirk and roll my eyes at the screw ups of some other hapless goon.

Tell your folks I said hello; give your charming spouse my best.
Thanks for accepting my excuses and my Facebook friend request.
We once had all the time in the world; now the years sure do fly by.
I may diminish with each one, but I once was one hell of a guy.

Go on with your magic life; I’ll just stick mine on the shelf,
And be glad there is a place where I can recreate myself.


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