Friday, November 16, 2012

Another One Bites the Crust

One last time break out the Zingers and the Ring Dings

Blow up red, yellow, and blue balloons

While we build strong memories a dozen ways

And Yodels a cupcake bucket-kickin tune

I thought that hombre had no expiration date

What a sugar shock to find that he did

Makes me want to pack up my lunchbox

And ride into the sunset with Twinkie the Kid

Who thought we’d live long enough to lose our Ding Dongs?

We were marvelously made and Wonder Bread

It won’t seem like Christmas without Ho Ho’s and Sno Balls

Without visions of chocolate donuts dancin in my head

We’ve come many miles and Mini Muffins

Now it’s time to say so long to Suzy Q

Later, alligator; after a while, Chocodile

Mrs. Freshley and Little Debbie will have to do

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