Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Say Gnaw

Listening to NPR yesterday morning, I heard a story about farmers in Colorado considering hemp as a cash crop. 

One of the comments in the story got my attention:

“…hemp can be used to make just about anything: rope, paper, plastic, clothing, shoe polish, car parts and even dog chew toys…”

Some possible product names for the dog chew toys:

Malamute Munchies

Mutt Stash

Lassie Grassy

Bowser Wowser

Kibbles ‘n Blitz

Scooby Doobies

McGruff Stuff (help take a bite…)

Old Meller Yeller

Coo-Coo Cur Chew (Iams the walrus)


Pongo Bongo

Buzz MacKenzie

Wal-Mart will want to get in on it: Ol’ Roy Oh Boy!

Bullet Bites

Chuckleberry Hound

Snoopy Whoopee

This one already exists: Jolly Joints (From our friends at Blue Buffalo).

Clifford’s Big Red Eyes.

Something to please even the finickiest Fido—you know how picky they are about what goes in their mouths. Your dog will dig ‘em.

“And Toto, too?” Yes, Toto, too!

Now, to sing us on outta here, Perry Como with "Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)."

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